• Purpose, Positioning, Personalized and Partnerships

    Purpose, Positioning, Personalized and Partnerships

    David says… For consumers under 40, the new Ps of the marketing mix that matter today are: “purpose, positioning, personalized and partnerships". You should pay careful attention to which marketing Ps apply most to your offering. Read time: 3 minutes


  • NLR—a brand apart.

    NLR—a brand apart.

    Camille says… Creating a truly defining brand is sometimes a challenge when positioning for destinations, particularly when the separate communities share the same name. In this case study we explore the branding challenges faced by North Little Rock, Arkansas and our solutions that set them apart from Little Rock. Read time: three mintues


  • What is a weekend?

    What is a weekend?

    David says… As domestic leisure travel begins to show early signs of recovery (in some places more than others), there is an opportunity to leverage leisure to try to (also) fill in some of the weeknight slump in occupancy due to the loss of weekday business and convention travel.


  • Case Study: 5 Steps to Developing a Statewide Initiative

    Case Study: 5 Steps to Developing a Statewide Initiative

    Stamp says… Stamp worked with the Alabama Bicentennial Commission to help develop and promote their three-year initiative celebrating Alabama's 200 years of statehood. Here we discuss 5 components of a successful statewide marketing program. Read time: six minutes


  • The Value of a Landing Page

    The Value of a Landing Page

    Camille says… Have an initiative that needs to take off? Discover the value of a landing page as part of your marketing strategy. Read time: under 6 minutes


  • Know Where You’re Going?

    Know Where You’re Going?

    David says… Whether you’re new around here or have been reading our blog since we started it a few years ago, you know (or will soon enough) that we are committed to Marketing Action Planning. A MAP is a proven, step-by-step process document to help guide your short- and long-term plans of work to achieve the defined mission of your destination. Read time: 3 minutes


  • Revisiting Your Social Media Marketing Plan

    Revisiting Your Social Media Marketing Plan

    Stamp says… Like your Marketing Action Plan, your social media marketing strategy should continually evolve to reflect what data is telling you about the platform preferences and media consumption habits of your target markets. What made your social strategy successful two years ago likely will not have the desired impact today due to evolving trends and algorithms. So how do you stay ahead of the curve? Read time: four minutes 


  • What Makes Your Community Different?

    What Makes Your Community Different?

    David says… Travelers are increasingly seeking out unique, one-of-a-kind, authentic experiences. And because you can't be everything to everybody, identifying and leveraging what makes your community different must be a central pillar of your marketing strategy. Read time: under 3 minutes.


  • Top 5 Travel Trends For 2019

    Top 5 Travel Trends For 2019

    Maghen says… There is a lot of talk about hot new travel trends and what DMOs should be mindful of as they begin executing their marketing strategies for 2019. Here are 5 trends that will dominate travel and tourism in the new year and how your DMO can leverage them. Read time: seven minutes


  • Generation Z: Travel Trends

    Generation Z: Travel Trends

    Jim says… Generation Z is rapidly growing in importance to DMOs - and for good reason! They are poised to command nearly 40% of consumer spending in just a few short years, and their travel habits are clearly defined by the digital age they were born into. Here's what that means for your DMO. Read time: six minutes