• Destination Curation

    Destination Curation

    David says… DMOs should not be creating or managing the various elements of their destination, they should be facilitators of collaboration between the stakeholders that provide the elements that make up their destination. This is the message you should be conveying to your stakeholders. Read time: 1 minute


  • MAP Your Way to a Better Brand

    MAP Your Way to a Better Brand

    David says… In this vlog recorded during our agency meeting, we discuss how Marketing Action Planning influenced the development of the Visit Kingsland brand and media plan. View time: under 6 minutes


  • Effective Marketing Is Deliberate

    Effective Marketing Is Deliberate

    David says… Clients understand that managing marketing that delivers success for an organization is more complex than ever. A disciplined marketing approach is the most effective way to drive efficiency and effectiveness. Fortunately, we have a process that can help and have included links to some free resources you can leverage to follow this process. Read time: under 1 minute


  • More Than an Interstate Exit

    More Than an Interstate Exit

    Camille says… Your community is so much more than what lies right off the ramp. Let travelers know your town is truly unique and worth taking the time to explore. Read time: under 3 minutes


  • Video of MAP Building Exercise

    Video of MAP Building Exercise

    David says… Building a Marketing Action Plan (MAP) is one of the fundamental steps to developing and managing cohesive marketing efforts. This video illustrates the MAP development process using an example everyone can understand - starting a T-Ball team. Read time: five minutes


  • Why You Need a Success Statement

    Why You Need a Success Statement

    David says… What is success for your organization? While a Marketing Action Plan (MAP) is a “road map” designed to lead your organization to success, it is critical to first determine what success is. Here we discuss the elements that need to be included in what we call “The Success Statement.” Read time: under 2 minutes


  • Purpose, Positioning, Personalized and Partnerships

    Purpose, Positioning, Personalized and Partnerships

    David says… For consumers under 40, the new Ps of the marketing mix that matter today are: “purpose, positioning, personalized and partnerships". You should pay careful attention to which marketing Ps apply most to your offering. Read time: three minutes


  • NLR—a brand apart.

    NLR—a brand apart.

    Camille says… Creating a truly defining brand is sometimes a challenge when positioning for destinations, particularly when the separate communities share the same name. In this case study we explore the branding challenges faced by North Little Rock, Arkansas and our solutions that set them apart from Little Rock. Read time: three mintues


  • What is a weekend?

    What is a weekend?

    David says… As domestic leisure travel begins to show early signs of recovery (in some places more than others), there is an opportunity to leverage leisure to try to (also) fill in some of the weeknight slump in occupancy due to the loss of weekday business and convention travel.


  • Case Study: 5 Steps to Developing a Statewide Initiative

    Case Study: 5 Steps to Developing a Statewide Initiative

    Kristin says… Stamp worked with the Alabama Bicentennial Commission to help develop and promote their three-year initiative celebrating Alabama's 200 years of statehood. Here we discuss 5 components of a successful statewide marketing program. Read time: six minutes