Curating Social Influencers: Encourage The Conversation, Part 8

Curating Social Influencers: Encourage The Conversation, Part 8

As more travelers turn to social media for travel recommendations and inspiration, enlisting the help of influencers should be a central component of your social media marketing strategy. Influencers are social media personalities with large followings who act as a powerful voice for brands, products and experiences they believe in. Partnering with social influencers to promote your destination is a great way to build credibility with your target markets and generate FOMO (watch our Fear Of Missing Out explanation video and learn about FOMO in under 2 minutes!).

While promoting your destination on your website and social channels is great, travelers want to hear about the real experiences other visitors have had in your city. Curating content from social influencers is an effective strategy for reaching potential visitors who may be on the fence about visiting your city, or who may have not considered your place to be a viable option for business, leisure or bleisure travel.

Watch our short video below to learn how to begin curating social influencers to supplement your marketing strategy.

Curating Social Influencers: Encourage The Conversation, Part 8 


David: As part of Stamp’s Encouraging the Conversation video series, we are going to look at how to find out from your audience who influences them.

Maghen: Make a social post to your followers and ask them to tag who they follow, like and trust in the comments section of that post.

Victoria: You will need to research each of these suggested influencers to see if their audience lines up with your destination’s personas. Check out our video, Encourage the Conversation Part 3: The Social Media Editorial Calendar to help you develop your personas.

Maghen: Once you feel you’ve identified a prospective influencer, begin the process of engaging them to determine if they are a good fit. Explore strategies for these influencers to promote your destination and its offerings.

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