Creating FOMO: Encourage The Conversation, Part 7

Encourage the Conversation – Part 7, Creating FOMO

As potential visitors formulate their travel plans, unique, one-of-a-kind experiences are often at the top of their travel wish list. Before stepping foot in your destination, they will often vet local restaurants, cultural experiences and upcoming events through TripAdvisor and social media to decide if they will visit your city. To encourage their visit, leverage your destination’s offerings by promoting unique, limited-time experiences on your website and in your social channels. Doing so will generate a Fear Of Missing Out and entice travelers to come experience your city. Learn more about generating FOMO in the video below.

Creating FOMO, or the Fear Of Missing Out


Maghen: What is FOMO? FOMO is the Fear Of Missing Out.

Victoria: So, what is your destination offering that causes FOMO in the hearts of many?

Maghen: Think Pop-Up experiences. These are events that last only a matter of days and, based on the nature of these experiences, will often flood the social feeds of those lucky enough to take part in them.

David: Think existing events. Leverage what is already going on in your destination. Think about festivals: Can you offer limited VIP seating? Think about concerts: Can you coordinate artist meet and greets before or after shows? Exclusive access creates desire to share on social.

Maghen: Think about arts and culture. Is there a limited-time exhibit or show coming to your destination? How about a preview party the night before the exhibit opens to the public. Or invitations to the last dress rehearsal before the opening night of the show. This limited opportunity creates desire to share what others could experience in your destination.

Victoria: Remember, these are not just strategies to boost the social sharing of your visitors, it’s for your social feed too! Post, post, post and repost! And don’t forget to hashtag! And then you can leverage these posts again in the future on your social channels as a Throwback Thursday, Flashback Friday or even a bounce forward for similar future events as prescribed by your Social Media Editorial Calendar.

David: Don’t have a Social Media Editorial Calendar yet? Watch our video here to learn about the Social Media Editorial Calendar planning process. This resource will provide an organized structure for advanced social media planning, ensuring you are effectively reaching your target personas and featuring the appropriate categories through your various social channel efforts.

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