Free Facebook Places Website Integration Tool

ITI Digital Offerings Facebook Places Website Integration Tool

During a recent conversation with Franci Edgerly of ITI Digital about ideas that could help the travel and tourism industry in these unprecedented times, we hatched an idea to offer free 6-month licenses to ITI’s Facebook Places Website integration tool to the first 20 DMOs that sign up.

Having both served the travel and tourism industry for many years, we both understand that the list of what DMOs need to accomplish in the coming months is very long. But we also know most DMOs are facing looming budget challenges. To that end, integration of ITI’s Facebook Places Website Integration application can add value on many levels for DMOs.

By casting a specific geographic net, this application locates different categories of stakeholders within your destination, aggregates their information from Facebook and then automatically integrates it with your website. Once this process is set up, your website will update daily with content that is being shared by each of your stakeholders. There are choices for how these stakeholders are listed and controls that can be utilized to customize how this content is displayed on your website.

The best way to understand this application is to visit a DMO site that is leveraging this technology and see it in action, such as Scroll down to the middle of the page to the grid titled Places to Eat & Drink.

To interact with this block of content, click on the Filter By Category button to see the other stakeholder content that is being aggregated on this site through Facebook Places.

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Be sure to click the Click for Map View button to see how this data seamlessly integrates with mapping.

There is so much power in this application for your DMO and the best part is, once it is set up, you can manage all this content yourself in just a few minutes a day.

To learn more about this technology and how your DMO can take advantage of this offer, email Franci at

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