Destination Marketing Action Plan Workbook

Destination Marketing Action Plan Workbook

A step-by-step guide for building a strategic marketing plan for your DMO

There is no effort more important to guiding the marketing of a Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) than a clear, prioritized strategic marketing plan. Proper planning will provide a clear path for staff and can be strategically communicated to stakeholders for holistic success. It also answers the way too common marketing question “where do we start?”

However, what I hear most often is that organizations don’t know how to build a strategic marketing plan. My hope is that you can conquer this challenge by using this workbook as a step-by-step guide to putting a Marketing Action Plan (MAP) to work for your DMO. And that your MAP will provide a clear path to achieve the mission and goals of your DMO.

Meant to guide long-range marketing efforts, a MAP should be reviewed and updated annually. Employed to inform short-range marketing decisions, a MAP should be referenced periodically throughout the year to prioritize and shape marketing efforts as new market offerings and dynamics emerge or new marketing trends present.

  1. First, explore how a Marketing Action Plan is structured.
  2. Next, download the MAP Workbook (PDF) by filling out the form below, and MAP Worksheet (Excel Spreadsheet).
  3. Last, download the one page MAP Cheat Sheet (PDF) for quick reference and tips.

Together, these three tools will help you create a strategic marketing plan what will have a major impact on your destination’s marketing efforts.

To download the workbook, you will need to fill out the form below.

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