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Downloadable Destination Marketing Graphics, Volume 3

By Camille Leonard

Downloadable Destination Marketing Graphics, Volume 3

Designing a presentation that is both engaging and informative often requires the use of thought-provoking imagery. Download volume 3 of our free destination marketing graphics to help you convey the results of your marketing action plan in your next presentation.

Marketing Action Planning Visual Aids

Marketing action planning is a time-intensive endeavor. You've gotten your planning team together, you've done your due diligence with research and you may have booked a meeting space and procured the necessary collateral. One more important step is needed to facilitate the process—a presentation to guide your team through the planning sessions and keep everyone on task. Destination Marketing Graphics, Volume 3 features illustrations that can be used in your presentation in support of the marketing principles used throughout the planning process.

Destination Marketing Graphics, Volume 3, Marketing Action Plan

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