A New Brand Gives Lift to Dothan Regional Airport

By Stamp

A new logo signals a newer, more up-to-date travel experience for those who choose to fly from Dothan Regional Airport. While a companion social media effort results in better than triple-digit increases in engagement across their channels.

A New Brand Gives Lift to Dothan Regional Airport

Stamp was engaged* by the Dothan-Houston County Airport Authority to rebrand the Dothan Airport, as upgrades to the terminal were being made. A new logo would signal a newer, more up-to-date travel experience for those who choose to fly from Dothan. Using insights gleaned through the development of the Marketing Action Plan, Stamp created a new identity and planned a targeted social media approach to increase awareness of the benefits of flying from DHN.
*Stamp was referred by our client, Universal Turbine Parts (UTP) to the Dothan-Houston County Airport Authority to rebrand the Dothan Airport.


Originally a wartime Army landing field, the Dothan Airport is a small regional airport serving the Wiregrass Region of south Alabama since the 1940s. When opened as a commercial airport, flight as a mode of leisure travel was a luxury driven by convenience and style. Today, air travel is a commodity driven by price. Travelers are willing to sacrifice convenience for a cheaper fare or wider choice of schedule. Dothan, like other regional airports, needed a way to remind travelers to shop for local flights.


Research and Stamp’s Marketing Action Plan reveal targeted potential travelers include heavy military traffic from nearby Ft. Rucker and youth sports team planners who bring tournaments to town. Upgrades to Dothan Airport’s terminal make the leisure travel experience more comfortable, but awareness of these improvements was low. An updated look to their marketing efforts would increase confidence in Dothan Airport as a more viable travel hub. Getting the message out to potential leisure travelers that the price difference between Dothan and competing area airports may be lower once all factors are considered.


  • Limited but growing flights per day. One location (Atlanta) for connection.
  • The Dothan Airport loses most leisure air travelers to Northwest Florida and Montgomery due to flight schedules and costs.
  • Others are likely to make the drive to Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta, Delta airline's regional hub, where all but Atlanta-bound passengers must transfer to another flight to reach their destination.
  • Choosing to fly from these other airports means driving as little as 90 minutes or as much as 3 hours.

Context is key when branding a specific place. A thorough understanding of the terminal architecture suggests the mark for Dothan Airport could be based on a semi-circle or arch. The city of Dothan's moniker, the Circle City and the shape of a capital D solidified the direction the logo design would take.


Findings from the MAP guided the creation of the new brand, which has been well-received by the Airport Authority staff, stakeholders and Dothan Regional Airport patrons. The Marketing Action Plan led to other initiatives including social media efforts, outdoor board designs and more addressing primary targets that can influence Dothan Airport's success, such as nearby Ft. Rucker personnel, sporting event travel, and the local market.

Stamp delivered a single-page PDF Graphic Standards Style Sheet. This contained the information needed to produce materials with local vendors and maintain the new brand as marketing needs arose. As Dothan Airport’s agency of record, we have produced social media strategy, content and consulting, as well as traditional advertising and print marketing materials. While the new brand rolled out, we worked as consultants on terminal identity signage and other airport projects.

Effective social media strategies were identified as a tactic to help DHN reach their marketing goals—and increase awareness as an important part of the community.


In the first year, we saw an increase of over 700% in engagement on the airport’s Instagram, over 11,000% increase in impressions on Twitter and increased comments and shares on their Facebook channel by 317% and 88.5% respectively.

Facebook carousel campaigns reassured travelers that Dothan Airport took their safety seriously as flights resumed during COVID. 


  • Marketing Action Plan
  • Branding
  • Art Direction & Graphic Design
  • Social Media Planning
  • Content Development
  • Social Media Listening
  • Social Media Management