Curating Instagram Influencers: Encourage The Conversation, Part 6

Curating Instagram Influencers: Encourage The Conversation, Part 6

As more travelers look to their social media networks for travel inspiration, DMOs are discovering the value of influencer marketing as a central pillar to their social media strategy. Travelers want to hear from fellow travelers and from people they trust and admire. That’s why so many DMOs are enlisting influencers to post about their destination in their own social media feeds. In this installment of Encourage The Conversation, we discuss the importance of influencer marketing as it relates to your destination and how to integrate it into your overall social media strategy.

Curating Instagram Influencers


David: As a part of Stamp’s Encouraging the Conversation video series, we are going to look at influencers that live in your market with large followings that extend beyond your market.

Victoria: On Instagram, type in your city, and the search results will be prioritized by your location. The accounts with the larger followings will be prioritized towards the top. Click on each and see if they are posting content that would feature your destination in a favorable light.

Maghen: Your social media curator should selectively leverage appropriate content from these creators into your own social sharing efforts for some great UGC. Not sure what the role of a social media curator is? Watch our video about social media curation.

Victoria: You can also contact each of these influencers, complement their content related to your destination and explain your DMO’s role in your community’s success—and how their content and followers could be a resource to encourage the conversation about your destination. Hopefully, you will be able to peak their interest, and they will be willing to help in your content curation efforts.

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