New branding elevates the nature of an interstate adjacent community, Kingsland Georgia

By Camille Leonard

A brand position that delivers likable messaging and graphics placing nature front and center lend a strong sense of place to Kingsland, Georgia.

New branding elevates the nature of an interstate adjacent community, Kingsland Georgia

With places, our experience has proven that the ability to listen to not only the client but a variety of their stakeholders greatly enhances our depth of knowledge of the community. Using this knowledge during the Marketing Action Plan development process to prioritize target audiences, establish their roles in our client's success and then identify each target audience's required beliefs lead us to a clear picture of clients’ brand value position.

Client Background

Kingsland, Georgia is located about 3 miles from the Florida line. With lower nightly rates and lower taxes on hotels, gas, and food than the Sunshine State, breaking up a Florida road trip with overnights in Kingsland is a convenient and more affordable choice. However, pass-thru travelers are often unaware of all there is to experience in and around Kingsland—much of it more fully appreciated at a leisurely pace that lends itself to additional nights in town. 

Kingsland is perfect for hub and spoke adventures to neighboring attractors—Okefenokee Swamp, Cumberland Island and historic St. Marys.

This lead generation card capitalizes on many of Kingsland's assets and neighboring attractors.


  • To some transient traffic, Kingland is known as Exit 3. Interstate signage does not mention Kingsland on any of the markers at the exit points leading to the community.
  • The businesses around the main exit to Kingsland are largely national brands leaving the traveler with no authentic sense of place.
  • The more well-known area attractors are located in communities adjacent to Kingsland.

The new brand must be memorable and set Kingsland apart from nearby, more famous coastal Georgia communities.

Campaign materials place nature front and center. Images and copy place a premium on surprise and delight, much the same way an avid birder feels when seeing a rare find peek out of the marsh grasses.


  • The Marketing Action Plan created in partnership with the staff of Visit Kingsland identified several target audiences who would be motivated by the combination of convenience and natural beauty the area offers.
  • For the leisure traveler on the way somewhere busier, more commercial and/or less authentic, the goal of the MAP focused primarily on highlighting the low-key, natural, immersive experiences surrounding Kingsland.
  • For niche enthusiasts, the MAP prescribed drawing attention to the high-quality environment for birders, cyclists and history-lovers.

The Kingsland Convention & Visitors Bureau's in-house marketing team had access to a rich library of authentic local images created by Explore Georgia Media and area photographers. This allowed us to design business card suites where each staff member has a set of 5 cards each featuring an area attraction.


Stamp developed a brand position based on delivering welcoming, likable messaging and graphics to support the essence of the Kingsland, Georgia experience. In addition to brand identity, we delivered a comprehensive brand standards manual, a general awareness campaign and a niche market campaign to their in-house marketing team. A fun extra brand effort came in the form of a logo paper crown, which could be a great giveaway for visitors to their center.


  • Marketing Action Plan
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  • Campaign Development
  • Copywriting
  • Art Direction & Graphic Design
  • Media Planning