Custom Event Promotion Fit for a Queen

By Ashley Reid

When college junior Helen was selected to be Queen of the 2020 Phantom Host debutante ball in Montgomery, AL, the Queen Mother came to Stamp for a custom logo, invitations, hospitality pack, and swag that embraced both the heritage of the event and a spunky Queen who was ready to break from tradition.

Custom Event Promotion Fit for a Queen


In the tradition of New Orleans, Montgomery’s Krewe of The Phantom Hosts celebrates Mardi Gras with an annual debutante ball. The queen’s family is expected to host a midnight breakfast in honor of her reign following the ball. When Queen Helen was selected as queen of the 2020 Phantom Host ball, the Queen Mother came to Stamp for a logo, invitations, hospitality pack, and swag that embraced both the heritage of the event and a spunky queen who was ready shake-up tradition.


2020’s Ball theme was based on Truman Capote’s Black & White Ball. Much like Capote, our client, the Queen Mother, wanted the breakfast to be an over-the-top affair. The list of honored guests included friends, family, Krewe members and, perhaps most important to Helen, her trusted ladies in waiting—a band of her Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority sisters who were prepared to hang like royalty. The Queen Mother tasked us with designing swag and a hospitality pack Helen’s sorority sisters would love. The event also needed to stand out from what had been done in previous years and create a unique experience that would be special for Helen and her friends.


A party for a modern queen should be elegant and sophisticated, but also edgy to reflect her personality.


Queen Helen and her family are fun-loving with large personalities. All materials connected to her reign and festivities should be branded boldly. Since Helen is no ordinary queen, the event needed to complement her vivacious and fun-loving personality, balancing the traditions of the Phantom Host ball with an edgier attitude that would resonate with the queen and her lively ladies. Our job was to create event materials that reflected Helen in every way--elegant, tasteful and a bit sassy. Since the Queen’s Breakfast would be held in conjunction with the Phantom Host Ball, we also needed to ensure that the event materials would incorporate themes from the ball as well.

The Queen Mother was planning a sumptuous feast to be served at midnight. The invitation had to convey the kind of elegance and delight that guests would experience at the extravagant breakfast. It needed to make the invited feel they must not miss this party—even if it meant staying up late.


We began with a custom mark using black and white—the theme colors of the ball. The logo features a crown adorned with Fleurs-de-Lis, a symbol common to both Mardi Gras and Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. The crown is framed by a radial pattern that bursts with energy and excitement.

With the invitation, we incorporated gold with the black and white for a warm, luxurious feel and built excitement by playing off of the bursting radial pattern from the “Queen Helen” mark. Since the queen’s identity would not be revealed until the night of the ball, we utilized elements from the mark for the design on the front of the invitation which grandly announces, “It’s Good to Be Queen.” A custom stamp serves as the perfect finishing touch, and simple, elegant thank you stationery complement the invitation.

As Her Majesty’s guests arrived at the hotel to prepare for the night’s festivities, they were greeted with branded hospitality packs and custom door hangers signifying their status as members of the royal party.

While we kept the invitation and thank-you notes festive and elegant, we decided to let the swag bring the sass. Guests received a custom tote bag filled with branded royal goodies including Mardi Gras beads and a t-shirt sporting a crowned sugar skull declaring “All Hail the Queen.”

Throughout the night revelers were able to toast the queen, raising their custom cups and koozies high into the air with a resounding “Hail, Yes!”

Services Delivered

  • Brand Strategy
  • Art Direction & Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • Vendor Management