We believe places are some of the most interesting things to brand.

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  • You want your destination to make an impression that leads to action.
  • You want to put your market research to work.
  • You need a comprehensive destination Marketing Action Plan.
  • You want to effectively reach more of your ideal audience.
  • You want to measure the success of your marketing programs.
  • You want to build a stronger in-market presence.

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In April 2010 the Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil spill claimed eleven lives and would soon become the worst man-made disaster of its type in U.S. history. As Mayor of the Town of Dauphin Island, Alabama, I witnessed first-hand the transformation of a vibrant barrier island community into a ghost town in a matter of days. Recognizing we would need a vigorous advertising and public relations campaign to rehabilitate and restore the pre-spill identity of Dauphin Island, we turned to STAMP! With their help we developed a new brand for the island – Sunset Capital of Alabama – and incorporated it into a new logo that has been extremely well received by both residents and visitors alike.