what3words Will Blow Your Mind

what3words Will Blog Your Mind

I promise, you are about to spend the most interesting 10 minutes of your day — possibly even of your week.

Simply put, what3words has the potential to revolutionize tourism and travel, mapping, wayfinding, navigation, and communications as we know it. As a marketing professional serving the tourism and travel industry, my mind is racing.

If you have not heard of what3words yet, watch their 57-second Travel and Tourism teaser video here:

Simple, accurate, multilingual, and operational even when offline, this new way of mapping the world makes difficult-to-find locations easily accessible. Intrigued? Want to understand more? Check out what what3words has to say about their mission:

Finally, if you got 5 minutes more to spare, this TED talk with what3words’ founder Chris Sheldrick is well worth your time:

As destination management professionals, you are in charge of shaping visitor experiences. We have written extensively about this in our wayfinding series, and this new technology offers a creative way to pinpoint exact locations and guide visitors to hard-to-find places — like a beautiful waterfall that’s off the beaten path or spots to take in gorgeous sunset views that don’t have addresses on a map. As you work to curate the visitor experience as they explore YOUR destination, consider using this remarkable tool to simplify and enrich their journey.

Let me be clear, Stamp has no connection to and is not endorsing this technology. However, my bold prediction is that what3words will connect us all in ways we can’t even imagine today.

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