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TripAdvisor Rankings: Encourage the Conversation Part 4

By David Allred

TripAdvisor Rankings: Encourage the Conversation Part 4

We often advise DMOs to curate TripAdvisor rankings with their stakeholders as a means of encouraging positive conversation about your destination. Together, you can identify and promote the authentic local favorites that will accurately portray your city as a can’t-miss destination. Read time: four minutes

Today, tech-savvy travelers only have to conduct a quick TripAdvisor search to review crowdsourced information about your destination. Attractions, hotels, restaurants, tours, and other travel experiences are all sorted by TripAdvisor rankings in order of favorability based on real traveler experiences. And while much of TripAdvisor’s usefulness can be attributed to content generated for users, by users, there are definitive steps that your DMO can take to ensure that your own local gems are visibly ranked high enough to encourage travelers to book a vacation in your town or city.

TripAdvisor Rankings

Video Transcript

David: One of the opportunities we regularly discuss with DMO clients related to encouraging the conversation is curating TripAdvisor rankings of things to do and places to eat. You should be looking at these lists regularly because visitors and potential visitors are, and they’re judging you by them.

Victoria: Snapshot the list and concentrate on the top ten listings. Having your best local options listed in the top ten should be your goal. Ask yourself: if you were considering visiting a destination and national chain and fast-food restaurants were in the top ten, would you be more encouraged or less encouraged to visit or add an extra day in that destination?

David: Getting your unique places to the top ten takes planning and interaction with conspicuously absent or low-ranked jewels in your destination’s crown. Here are a few tips: start with your staff and your board. Share your current top ten TripAdvisor things to do and places to eat, and discuss. Listen carefully for reactions of who should be in that list, and who should not.

Victoria: After you have collected this feedback, approach the few options who should be in the top ten rankings. By only reaching out to those local jewels, you will be able to encourage a positive conversation about these attractors to your destination.

David: Trying to figure out how to help these hidden gems stand out and accurately portray your destination on TripAdvisor? Watch our video about how to encourage positive online conversations.