Crowdsourcing Social Influencers: Encourage The Conversation, Part 10

By David Allred

Crowdsourcing Social Influencers: Encourage The Conversation, Part 10

Social influencers provide tremendous value not only to travelers who look to social media for trip inspiration, but to DMOs looking for new ways to reach potential visitors. In this 30-second video, we touch on the benefits of crowdsourcing social influencers to promote your destination.

As more travelers crave one-of-a-kind travel experiences and turn to social media for inspiration, DMOs are looking to social influencers to promote their destinations — and with good reason! Far beyond influencing the trip-planning process, influencers have the ability to sculpt the way new destinations become notable. They’ve even been known to thrust lesser-known destinations into the spotlight. Even if your DMO doesn’t have the budget to partner with established social media influencers (let’s face it — it can be expensive!), influencer marketing is not out of reach. Crowdsourcing influencers by researching the most Instagrammed places in your destination and encouraging travelers to share photos of experiences in your town or city are great ways to tap into this trend. David, Victoria and Maghen explain.

Crowdsourcing Social Influencers

Video Transcript

David: Look at what you defined in your Marketing Action Plan that your target audiences need to believe so you will succeed with them. Victoria: As a part of Stamp’s Encouraging the Conversation video series, we are going to look at how curating “Instagramable Experiences” in your destination will lead to more user generated content related to the experiences you want to share. Maghen: And then research what the most Instagrammed places are in your destination, and cross reference them with this required belief. Any of these places that line up with what you need your target audiences to believe should be encouraged as shareable in your visitors’ social media streams.