John Furr

John Furr Web Developer

John’s Mark. What is a Hanko? John’s Mark What is a Hanko?

Hanko - Private or official seals or stamps engraved with the name of the office, institution or individual to which it belongs.

From a young age, John has had a hard-wired fascination with computers. That lifelong interest has kept John connected to all facets of web development and programming.

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Having grown up with a computer in my home since day one, it was inevitable for an obsession with electronics to be engrained into who I am. Also from a young age, I’ve had a fascination with learning how things work and how others created things. This led me to disassembling anything I could get my hands on and sometimes being able to put them back together. I had discovered in myself an innate passion for creating as well as artistic talent. All of this culminated into eventually attending the Memphis College of Art and earning my BFA in digital media. Through all of this I have had the chance to create videos, photographs, websites, animations, video games, D.I.Y. electronics, and anything else I set my mind to. Now I have a full time position as a web developer at Stamp, where I get to challenge myself in learning something new everyday while at the same time creating products that people will use and interact with.

More About John

I make:
Websites as a career, and whatever I can dream up on the side.

Why I love the business:
The variety of projects I get to work on and the opportunity to learn something new everyday about my craft.

Back in the day I made a Dragonball Z fansite with Microsoft Word.

Favorite movie quote:
“Don’t Panic”
–The Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy

Where I like to make my mark:
On the internet.

My spare time is spent:
You can find me working on cars, playing video games, drawing, reading, playing paintball, shooting with cameras, or making music.

Raving about:
Nerdy things.

I want to Stamp out:
Internet Explorer 8.

Favorite music:
Anything with some bass.

Favorite travel/vacation experience:
While visiting St. Augustine Florida, my family visited a light house, and the entire time I was there it felt eerily familiar. When we got back to the B&B that night, I turned on the TV to see an episode of Ghost Hunters exploring that same light house, which they concluded was haunted.

Honk if you Love:
Fast cars.

My travel essential:
Camera and a handkerchief.

Best advice received:
“He who cannot risk, cannot win.”

Once aspired to be…
A robotics engineer. I got third place in an event called “Robo-Billards” in Junior Science Olympiad, and ever since have been interested in robotics and remote control electronics.

Four words that describe me would be:
Crafty, Resourceful, Creative, Enthusiastic.

Favorite hashtag:

Hidden talent:
Wiggling my eyebrows, I can make them do the wave.

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