Bruce Reid

Bruce Reid, Agency Principal New Business Director

Bruce’s Mark. What is a Hanko? Bruce’s Mark What is a Hanko?

Hanko - Private or official seals or stamps engraved with the name of the office, institution or individual to which it belongs.

Bruce is the perfect southern gentleman so of course he loves golf and quail hunting.

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A native of Montgomery, Alabama, Bruce S. Reid earned his Bachelor of Arts in Communications/English at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. He is a nationally recognized media advisor on more than 100 political, issue and educational campaigns. Bruce has extensive experience in account supervision, marketing, media buying, budgeting, and production.

More About Bruce

I make:
It a point every day to reflect on the amazing team of professionals we have assembled here at Stamp Idea Group. Lots of energy, creative thinking, and flawless execution. Glad to be a part.

My travel essential:
Antibiotics, various chargers, allergy meds, and copies of our drivers’ licenses and passports.

Favorite travel/vacation experience:
My favorite travel adventure was to Italy. My wife and I stayed in Rome 4 nights, Positano 4 nights, Capri 5 nights, visited Ravello, we sampled some great Italian wines and olive oils, chartered a boat with a captain to the blue and green grottos for a couple of days and completed our trip with a 6 hour tour of Pompeii. Not long enough…should have taken 6 days.

I want to Stamp out:
A large footprint across the southeast as we continue to make our mark!

Bruce has been recognized in Advertising Age as one of America’s “best media negotiators” by the Pepsi Cola Media Department.

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